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I just don’t understand why I do it. Sabotage myself in my eating. I start off with eating really well and healthy for a few days or a week, maybe lose a lb, and then wham! back into the junk. Pop, chips, lost of unhealthy, sabotaging carbs. I really don’t get it. Then I am depressed that I have done that and what happens? Binge eating; to soothe my frustration.

I started out really well on the primal eating plan. One whole good week of it. Didn’t lose any weight but I wasn’t bothered by that as I figure it would come in time. Then bang! Frustration over everything and not caring and now have had 2 whole days of wild, junky, binge eating. I am wondering if being consistent with my exercise helps me to keep on track with my eating. It seems that the days I am consistent, I eat really well. Then, when, for whatever reason I slack off of the exercise, I seem to binge after a day or two.

Hummm…. something to think about.

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