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Start over?

I am going to try a new start today with primal eating. Eating similar to this years ago really worked for me and I am sure the primal way of eating will too. So for today:


  • banana berry smoothie with blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, ice and milk.

Now I am off to do my workout before I hit that lazy mode. Will be back to update.

okay, now for lunch:

  • about 3 oz of leftover steak
  • grapes
  • tea with honey

dinner was:

  • mixed salad with tuna
  • roasted brussel sprouts with parmesan cheese
  • tea with honey

I felt really hungry a few hours later so had a handful of trailmix for snack. (peanuts,cashews, almonds, raisins and m&m’s(only had a couple)) and a half cup of coffee.

exercise for the day consisted of doing another c25k workout week 2. Wow was it tough. I think I may have to do that one for an extra week until it isn’t quite so tough. It is 6 segments of running for 90 sec then walking for 2 mins. Doesn’t sound so bad does it? Well, it just about killed me today.

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