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Light on the frustration binge please!

I am furious! Just furious with my 17 year old daughter. She apparently thinks she is such an adult and can do whatever she wants. Unfortunately, this frustration and anger makes me want to run to the fridge for whatever I can cram down my throat at mach 9 speed. So breakfast consisted of:

  • 2 eggs
  • leftover roasted brussel sprouts
  • piece of cheese
  • coffee with less sugar than usual (yuck)

Wow, did you think I binged? Almost. But those brussel sprouts looked so good and healthy and I actually LIKE healthy food, so that stopped me and I was able to get under control.

Lunch will be:

  • nice big bowl of salad with tuna and some cheese for the fat to help me from being hungry an hour later.
  • some kiwi
  • tea with splenda

for dinner I would like to find a delicious chicken thigh recipe that’s very low on carbs. I prefer my carbs come from my vegs and fruits. Anyone have a good recipe?

For my exercise I did 30 mins of cardio from “my fitness coach” for my wii. I was fun. I enjoy doing my wii exercise games for some cross-training. Then I followed the cardio with a 30 min session of yoga from the same game. I haven’t done yoga in years and it was fun but tough.

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