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Do you readers out there like to see listed what we eat for our meals and do for our exercises? I started another page where I do just that. Look under ‘ Find out how I’m eating and moving ‘. I think it might help to keep me acountable to myself about what I am eating and how regular and how much I am exercising. I would really like to run some 5k’s this summer and fall but, I am so out of shape again from lack of exercise and healthy eating these last 4 or 5 months that, I needed to start my c25k workouts from the start again. Week 2 almost killed me. The running segments only went from 60 sec runs/90sec walks to 90 sec runs/2 min walks but, it was SO tough. I am thinking I will keep up with week 2 for an extra couple workouts until it is no longer so tough.

Started eating primal again yesterday and so far so good. I even avoided a frustrated, furious binge this morning and made myself a delicious primal worthy breakfast. I am really, really struggling with my water intake though. I just can’t seem to get myself to drink it. I know it helps with weight loss through research and personal experience but, I just can’t seem to drink it!

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