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I have gained 5 lbs. Serves me right though as I have been eating total crap; chips, pop, lots of creme eggs. I really need to tighten the reigns and get ahold of my eating. Plus I need to find some motivation again to get back to my exercise routine. My girls and I really want to get back to the rollerblading but, there is still too much snow on the sidewalks and sand on the roads. All that would succeed in doing is wreck my rollerblades.

I did eat better most of the day; until dinner. We had burgers. And they were so darn good that I had 3. Yes, 3 darn burgers. Then I proceded to head to the store for some mini-eggs. Oh those cadbury easter treats. The down-fall of me!

As for the exercise, it doesn’t help that I am sitting on my ass for most of the day and evening trying to learn how to design websites. Andthe time gets past me until it’s too late to go do something for exercise. Like right now. What am I doing? Blogging! Sitting on my arse! With a 3 burger full belly!

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