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New start, new challenge!

I have been having a lot of trouble getting here and keeping updated. Part of was due to the fact that I was screwing up majorly with my eating and exercise habits, and part of it was due to the fact that my kids or hubby were always over my shoulder asking what I was doing, what I was writing, and when could they have a turn on the computer. So I’ve solved the last part by buying myself a laptop and now the rest of the family can have computer time whenever while I can be here updating.

As for the first part, I have seen that Lori over at ‘ Finding Radiance ‘ has given herself a 12 day challenge to eat clean and be disciplined. So I was thinking that I would try the same thing. Fruit guy is back now for the season and I have no trouble staying away from the junk foods when there is lots of fruit in the house. So I will start there. I lost 30 lbs last spring/summer when I incorperated lots of fruits and vegs into my diet.

My other biggest problem is that I have been having an extreme amount of trouble getting back into an exercise routine since my mother past away at christmas time. But I went out last weekend and bought a new pair of Mizuno running shoes and a pair of Vibram 5 fingers. Now I need to get out and start running again as I feel very GUILTY spending that much money on shoes that don’t get used!

So tomorrow morning I will start day 1 of my own challenge (hubby is taking me out on a date tonight and movie popcorn is a DEFINATE must!). It will be a 7 day challenge so it is not so overwhelming at first, then I will re-evalute and make a new challenge.

Goal 1 will be to eliminate the junk and replace it with healthy fruits
Goal 2 will be to re-start running using the C25K running plan.
Goal 3 will be to get here each day to update and keep myself accountable.

See you guys tomorrow!

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