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challenge day 2

I am doing okay I guess. Not eating the greatest but not eating junk either. I am sturggling quite a bit with food cravings right now since I quit the junk. I just keep reading some of my favorite blogs and they give me looks of inspiration. Fruit guy will be here later today so I can go and stock up on delicious fruits. I can snack on those when the cravings hit. Hopefully it wont take long for my body to re-adjust to the healthy eating style and crave the good things.

Eggs in a tortilla wrap was breakfast. Lunch was kooky as I had some cream of asparagus soup and a banana smoothie with protein powder. Dinner will be spagetti with homemade sauce and wholewheat pasta. Maybe a small slice of garlic bread and some green beans for vegs.

Still need my 3 cups of coffee. I get terrible, terrible migraines without it. I am going to attempt to make weaker and weaker versions until I can eliminate a cup at a time out of my diet. The migraines just aren’t worth it.

edit: my precious dd got my ass off the couch and out rollerblading with her tonight. Wow, was it ever nice to get out and exercise again. I feel great! It is SO fun to rollerblade. I sure missed it. An added benefit is that it gets me drinking my water.!!!

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