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No excuses!

Excuses! Everyone of us uses them to avoid getting in our daily workouts. But how regularly and what variances are your excuses? Daily? Weekly? Everything from I have a headache to someone I know just died. That is just the excuse I have been using.

My mother just died. For 5 months I have been using that excuse. My dear mother past away unexpectedly just before Christmas. There was no Christmas this year, or, has there been much effort to get back to my workouts. Especially my running, which I love and miss. But how can anyone, especially myself, expect me to get back to my life when my mom, is just gone in an instant…. I feel guilty..that I still have a life……when she thought she had more. It had been 7 years since she saw us last. She was going to come this Christmas. But….not now.

So for this long it has been my excuse. But all my work at weight loss is failing as I have now gained back 7 lbs. Some of you may think 7 lbs is nothing, but, to me it is. My body is very resistant to weight loss and it takes a lot of work and effort to lose any. So now I am making a stand and saying: “NO MORE EXCUSES!” Time to get back to my life. Back to my kids and husband, back to my health! After all, I am sure my mom would want me to know that I DO still have life and to live it to the fullest. In case it’s ripped out from under me like it was for her. She was an obese, very unhealthy diabetic and waited to long to try to change her health.

Check out the ‘No excuses’ video in my sidebar. And everyone, NO MORE EXCUSES!

I love you and miss you mom.

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