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almond butter and oats

What do I do now with my almond butter? I have heard and read of so many people eating almond butter instead of peanut butter. Alot of bloggers out there use it on there oats in the mornings for breakfast. I tried oats with peanut butter and love it but, there is sugar in peanut butter and I try to stay away from sugar as much as possible. So out I went a bought a jar of almond butter that is just almonds.

Since then, before I tried the almond butter on my oats which I was eating every morning before work, I discovered that the 7-8 lbs I had gained during the month was due to my oats ingestion. For the whole month I was gaining about 2 lbs a week inspite of eating healthy and the way I had last spring when I lost 30 lbs easily. The ONLY thing I had changed besides lack of exercise was the oats. I had only started eating them that month. In frustration and tears over my ignorance about my weight gain, I cried to my husband who upon hearing that I was eating this supposedly healthy for everyone grain, informed me in shock that that was what he was fed as a child to help GAIN weight. I stopped the oats as of that day about 2 weeks ago and my weight is now happily going DOWN once again.

I know that for the majority of people out there, oats is a very healthy option in their diets and doesn’t cause weight gain. For me it is the opposite. I will on occasion enjoy a delicious bowl of oats with whatever toppings I choose but, for the most part, I will stick to my breakfast smoothies and my eggs.

So, now what do I do with my almond butter?

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  1. smallchangesaddup
    June 20, 2009 at 1:36 am

    How about using it to dip veggie sticks in? Or with apple slices, or on toast? They’re the obvious ones I think. Or you could bake with it? Almond Butter cookies sound good! Or you could send it my way ;), hehe. I’ve neve tried almond butter! What does it taste like compare to PB?


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