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Too much…

Brought home to much take-out foods this week for dinner. Mainly because I was so exhausted from work that I was too tired and lazy to make a healthy dinner. The scale showed that today. Needless, I still had a pigout again tonight.

No exercise the last two nights as one night I just didn’t have the time and last night was just too tired. I hope I can get back on the healthy wagon tomorrow and not let this turn into a crap eating binge weekend like last weekend.

Still trying to find a good way to make money online. My job is just too exhausting and we still have the shutdown threat over our heads so, working from home would be so great. Plus, I miss being home with my kids and I feel that my youngest is getting short changed on the mommy time since I was home for longer with my two older kids.

I am thinking of buying a bike. It will give me more variety in my workouts plus the added benefit of saving gas and money by riding my bike to work. Any opinions on good bikes that won’t break the bank? I don’t even know where to begin!

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  1. June 27, 2009 at 6:37 am

    For bikes, I would visit several bike shops just to try bikes and find the right height. That is the most important thing of all for biking, as if the bike doesn’t fit you – you won’t enjoy riding.

    You can always purchase a used bike (that’s what I did). Many garage sales have really nice bikes available without costing a lot. You can’t go wrong with a Schwinn.

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