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I just can’t believe these stupid, ridiculous, weekend junk binges I am having! What the heck is wrong with me that I just can’t keep on going with my healthy eating? During the week I will do great, maybe lose a pound and then WHAM! Self sabotage and away I go with pig out fests! Today I feel so crappy and bloated and pissed at myself, and too lazy now to go do a workout. And my 1 lb lose is now a 2 lb gain. I just don’t get it. I do know that I quit baking at home for a reason. So I should never have baked that cake yesterday.

Maybe once I can start getting away from home with my kids this week on my days off, I can stay away from the junk. I mean, when we go to the beach, packing fruit and water is the easiest as fruit pack up good and I always have it around thanks to fruit guy, and I rarely has pop and never juice in the house so that leaves water. Eating the beach fare is definately out of the question since it is so expensive and my kids have the options of beach eats and no money for gas for the next trip, or home packed fruits and vegs to garantee that there is money for gas for the next beach trip. They always pick the gas! LOL. There is also the added benefit of the heat. Whenever I am out in the sun and nice and toasty, I am filling up on water and don’t really feel hungry at all so therefore won’t be overstuffing my face. LOL. I am really looking forward to spending some time with my kids. Working really sucks!

Thanks to Lori for reminding me of garage sales for bikes. I (duhhh..) didn’t even think of checking out garage sales for a good bike. I didn’t get a chance to go look this weekend as we had unexpected company from Ontario. So I am almost giddy with excitement for next fri/sat when I can get out there and look. Wish me luck!

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