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I love hiking!

July 31, 2009 1 comment

Here is the first place that we discovered while we lived in the city that we like to hike at.







It is a really great place to hike but, now that we have discovered the trails along the river valley, I don’t know how often we will go back there. Also, the river valley has many trail areas that are off lease areas for your dog. My dog would love it and she can go in the water at some spots if she wants. Ha ha! I doubt it. She whines and whines when it’s bath time and will only go in if it is my dd who is giving her the bath! We have a third spot that is closer to home that we discovered last weekend that is nice too. The only problem with that place is that all the trails go helter skelter and you could honestly get lost. We only stuck to a route that basically went in a circle around a small lake so we would end up back at the same spot. (Note to self: must get a compass and learn how to use it if planning to go back there!)

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Awesome biking and importance of emergency kits!

July 30, 2009 Leave a comment

We (the kids and I) had and awesome day on Tuesday! We went for a bike ride in the city on the trails that run beside the river for miles. There are two types; asphalt ones that are out in the open and are on the outskirts of many of the parks in the city and the ones that are dirt, gravel, nature trails that are surrounded by forest. Both run the same way and meet up at the parks. We choose the nature trails and it was awesome! My bike and it’s gears sure got a great working in and I sure got a great workout. 1200 cals burned. My knees hurt afterwards as they are not used to that much biking but, I took some Udo’s omega capsules and that really helps my knees. And, no surprise to us, my sons chain on his bike snapped when we were about 5km from the truck. So he had to walk all the way back. It is no surprise because every time we had out for a bike ride, either his chain breaks or more often than not, his tire blows. We are always miles from the car and he has to walk. So, we have learned the value and importance of having an emergency patch kit and pump with us which I bought today while in the city.

I have found that even though I am on holiday, I am so busy with the kids or errands that I am getting behind on my blog. It has also been a struggle to keep eating healthy only because I am never home when it comes time to eat and I end up having to grab something quick. Hopefully I can figure out how to manage my time a little better so that doesn’t happen so often. Yesterday I was so busy all day in the city that I was too exhausted when I got home to even get in a workout. Today I am pretty tired, and I know now that it is from not eating so great, but, I am going to try to suck it up and get in a c25k workout. I just can’t let myself get slack on the exercise again.

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tough workout…

July 26, 2009 Leave a comment

I managed to do my workout at about 10:30 am yesterday to beat the heat but it was already super hot. It made for a tough workout. I felt like quitting the whole time through just so I could cool down but there was no cooling down!! I even had the portable fan pointed directly at me while I worked out.

It was the first day for my c25k week 2 program. I thought I would really struggle, not from the heat but, from the increase in time for running. But, it was okay in spite of the heat.

Unplanned splurge of ice-cream from the Marble Slab Creamery. I had to pick up cherries and garden vegs from my uncle in the city and dd and were so hot and hungry that I decided to treat her. They had NO sugar free ice-cream!! So I treated myself too. Double chocolate ice-cream with chocolate chips and chocolate hot sauce mixed in and crushed hersey chocolate bar on top. YUMMY!! Breakfast and dinner were healthy.

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heat wave….

July 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Wow is it hot! 31 degrees celcius! I have no idea what that is in farenhiut but, man it’s hot. I am just a swollen balloon. My weight all week has been between 170 and 172 and I know it is from fluid retention from the heat. I have eaten really well and healthy all week, this makes 2 weeks of healthy eating with only one crap binge day. Plus, I feel BLOATED and SWOLLEN. Yuck!! It is supposed to be this hot all of next week too but, the good thing is, I have work on monday and then 5 weeks off for vacation!! Yee haw!!! So I can spent some quality time with my kids and off to the beach we go!!


We have all already discussed the eating arrangements and all agree that trips to the fruit guy for fruits for the beach is what we want to do. That is great. It will keep me eating well even at the beach. I am hoping that we will be able to get a few days of camping in at the beginning of August when my hubby can get a few days off. It has been 3 years since I have been able to get any summer time off of work to spend with my kiddies.

In the mean time, I will keep on eating healthy and drink LOTS of water to combat this heat swell.

What about you guys? Do you swell up in the heat? Hold weight from the heat?

heat can really make you swell!

July 18, 2009 Leave a comment

I took my youngest daughter and my son to the yearly exhibition yesterday and had a great time riding all the rides. I had a healthy breakfast before I left so that I wouldn’t have to eat too much junk. So for eats later, I had a hot dog and the rest of my daughters corn dog and just a couple of sips of sprite. I really don’t like pop much anymore.

So for the day we drank water which was good but sure didn’t help the fact that with the heat at above 30 degrees Celsius, I swelled up like a balloon. I fit my capris so nicely in the morning I was proud of the fact that I must have lost a few of the pounds that I have gained this past month. But, by the time that we had left, they were snug, and extra snug in the thighs while sitting. Uncomfortable to say the least!

For dinner, it was a healthy medium-rare steak from the keg with a side lobster tail. YUM YUM! I did eat a few bites of the garlic mashed potatoes (I try to stay away from spuds) because they are just so gosh darned delicious! I really needed that nice steak! Today will be all about making sure to rehydrate myself and stay on track with my healthy eating.


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I knew it..

July 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Well, the visit with the relatives worked out great. We had a super time and I forgot how much I really like them all and how much fun we have. I just remembered the stress of all those people last year and not the fun. They are all gone today so I am going to take the evening to just veg.

Just like I thought, I ended up having mc Donald’s for dinner yesterday but I stuck to just a burger and split a diet pop with the daughter. So not too bad. And lunch time worked out great as we were near a subway so had healthy subs for lunch.

Finally found the NROLW book! Had to go to the big store in the big city to find it but I finaley did. Looks like I can do all at home except for the rowing moves and the twisting moves. Any ideas how to do those moves at home would be great??!! So this weekend I will get started. Need to sit done and read the book first. LOL.

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July 15, 2009 Leave a comment

So last night the rest of hubbies family that was heading our way stopped in the city to stay with a friend for the night. That was alright as by the time they would have arrived here, it would have been late and total hub-bub trying to get the tent set up in the yard and everyone settled for the night. My hubby would have been very disrupted from sleeping and he gets up at 4:30 am for work and really doesn’t do well mood wise without his sleep. And believe me, everyone suffers the next day when he is that tired! I believe the whole troop will be here tonight though but, from what I gather, everyone is heading out tomorrow for the next destination which is the other brother’s home a province away.

Fruit guy was just So awesome! When he found out I would have 10 kids at my house today, and how much money I had for fruit on me, he gave my extras and said I could pay him the next time. He figures fruit is good for the kids instead of junk ( my thoughts exactly) so pay him later. What a sweet heart. I guess it pays to be a loyal customer. He always feeds my kids handfuls of strawberries and cherries while I am getting my order. By time we are done, they have had their fruit/veggies servings for the day!. LOL.

The whole gang of us will be taking how ever many vehicles needed and going shopping today in the ‘Big City’. We have a super, mega mall there that they always make sure they have time and money for when they come to visit. My kids love that mall and we only go there when family is visiting so they are super excited. I hate that mall! TOO big and WAY too many people! And I just know right now that it will probably be mc Donald’s or something similar for lunch. And who knows for dinner as it is going to be and all day excursion. So much for being on track. Maybe there will be a subway there. Wish me luck and sanity!

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