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Bad binges

I just can’t figure out what the heck is wrong with me. I just can’t seem to stop the binges. Junk, junk and more junk. Ice-cream, chips, you name it. I feel like crap, can’t sleep and having breakouts. Maybe if I hadn’t missed fruit guy for the last week and a half. When I get lots of fruit, I tend to eat that instead of junk, but I haven’t been around lately when fruit guy had been here. I don’t know but, I need to get a hold of these binges. I snuck a peek on the scale today and I have gained 6 lbs back. That so totally sucks!!

Thanks to Jim from Running Slightly Late for the answer to my pacing question. That is pretty much what I figured and have read and heard but, I have also read arguments where runners say that unless you can run at least 6 mph, you aren’t a runner, just a jogger. I like to consider myself a runner as that is what I am aiming for and can’t help that my fitness level is low enough as to be able to only run at a joggers speed. And even a jog speed is a running speed for someone who has spent most of her life sitting on her arse!

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  1. July 8, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    There is nothing wrong with jogging. I don’t know who decided that 6 mph is the dividing line. Many runners vary their pace during a run going above and below 6 mph. Piffle. What matters is that you are active and doing something that you enjoy and that challenges you!

    And NROLW rocks!

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