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Junked out..is it possible?

I think I have finally junked myself out. I ate SOOO much crap lately that even the thought of another chip or sip of pop or cookie makes my stomach turn. So this morning for breakfast I made myself a piece of multi-grain toast with some flakes of ham with pickles on top. Yum! And I am about to cut myself some watermelon to go with it and a nice hot cup of coffee. I already plan to have a green smoothie for lunch with some frozen blueberries. My favourite! Not sure what dinner will be yet. I need groceries but, I don’t really feel like getting them today. So that will make dinner probably chops with some kind of veg and rice. I have missed fruit guy 3 times now and the lack of fruit is definitely a factor in my junk food eating. And yes, it is a lot cheaper to buy the junk foods at our local small town grocery than it is to buy healthy, nutritious fare.

Haven’t found the book ‘NROLW-new rules of lifting for women’ yet. But, when I head to the big city (ha ha so hillbilly eh?), I know I will be able to find it there at the book store or maybe even Costco. I am looking forward to that book to give me a plan to follow with my new weights.

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