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I did okay yesterday with the eating. I did have a handful of chips in the evening because we have company and everyone else was eating some too. Bad excuse to eat junk and you know what? They tasted horrible. I really am junked out. The watermelon was so much better and so refreshing.

Getting more family today which will make that 9 family visitors all together. I don’t know where the will sleep as two out of my 5 are all ready sleeping on couches since they had to give up their beds. My house isn’t even big enough for the 5 of us (one level-1000 sq ft.), never mind 9 family members. The worst part is that we knew that 2 were coming so giving up 2 beds was fine but, we find out this morning that 7 more (six are kids) are on their way. That’s not fair or right that no one bored to tell us so we could try and figure out arrangements. I am so STRESSED right now.

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