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So last night the rest of hubbies family that was heading our way stopped in the city to stay with a friend for the night. That was alright as by the time they would have arrived here, it would have been late and total hub-bub trying to get the tent set up in the yard and everyone settled for the night. My hubby would have been very disrupted from sleeping and he gets up at 4:30 am for work and really doesn’t do well mood wise without his sleep. And believe me, everyone suffers the next day when he is that tired! I believe the whole troop will be here tonight though but, from what I gather, everyone is heading out tomorrow for the next destination which is the other brother’s home a province away.

Fruit guy was just So awesome! When he found out I would have 10 kids at my house today, and how much money I had for fruit on me, he gave my extras and said I could pay him the next time. He figures fruit is good for the kids instead of junk ( my thoughts exactly) so pay him later. What a sweet heart. I guess it pays to be a loyal customer. He always feeds my kids handfuls of strawberries and cherries while I am getting my order. By time we are done, they have had their fruit/veggies servings for the day!. LOL.

The whole gang of us will be taking how ever many vehicles needed and going shopping today in the ‘Big City’. We have a super, mega mall there that they always make sure they have time and money for when they come to visit. My kids love that mall and we only go there when family is visiting so they are super excited. I hate that mall! TOO big and WAY too many people! And I just know right now that it will probably be mc Donald’s or something similar for lunch. And who knows for dinner as it is going to be and all day excursion. So much for being on track. Maybe there will be a subway there. Wish me luck and sanity!

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