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I knew it..

Well, the visit with the relatives worked out great. We had a super time and I forgot how much I really like them all and how much fun we have. I just remembered the stress of all those people last year and not the fun. They are all gone today so I am going to take the evening to just veg.

Just like I thought, I ended up having mc Donald’s for dinner yesterday but I stuck to just a burger and split a diet pop with the daughter. So not too bad. And lunch time worked out great as we were near a subway so had healthy subs for lunch.

Finally found the NROLW book! Had to go to the big store in the big city to find it but I finaley did. Looks like I can do all at home except for the rowing moves and the twisting moves. Any ideas how to do those moves at home would be great??!! So this weekend I will get started. Need to sit done and read the book first. LOL.

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