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heat can really make you swell!

I took my youngest daughter and my son to the yearly exhibition yesterday and had a great time riding all the rides. I had a healthy breakfast before I left so that I wouldn’t have to eat too much junk. So for eats later, I had a hot dog and the rest of my daughters corn dog and just a couple of sips of sprite. I really don’t like pop much anymore.

So for the day we drank water which was good but sure didn’t help the fact that with the heat at above 30 degrees Celsius, I swelled up like a balloon. I fit my capris so nicely in the morning I was proud of the fact that I must have lost a few of the pounds that I have gained this past month. But, by the time that we had left, they were snug, and extra snug in the thighs while sitting. Uncomfortable to say the least!

For dinner, it was a healthy medium-rare steak from the keg with a side lobster tail. YUM YUM! I did eat a few bites of the garlic mashed potatoes (I try to stay away from spuds) because they are just so gosh darned delicious! I really needed that nice steak! Today will be all about making sure to rehydrate myself and stay on track with my healthy eating.


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