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Awesome biking and importance of emergency kits!

We (the kids and I) had and awesome day on Tuesday! We went for a bike ride in the city on the trails that run beside the river for miles. There are two types; asphalt ones that are out in the open and are on the outskirts of many of the parks in the city and the ones that are dirt, gravel, nature trails that are surrounded by forest. Both run the same way and meet up at the parks. We choose the nature trails and it was awesome! My bike and it’s gears sure got a great working in and I sure got a great workout. 1200 cals burned. My knees hurt afterwards as they are not used to that much biking but, I took some Udo’s omega capsules and that really helps my knees. And, no surprise to us, my sons chain on his bike snapped when we were about 5km from the truck. So he had to walk all the way back. It is no surprise because every time we had out for a bike ride, either his chain breaks or more often than not, his tire blows. We are always miles from the car and he has to walk. So, we have learned the value and importance of having an emergency patch kit and pump with us which I bought today while in the city.

I have found that even though I am on holiday, I am so busy with the kids or errands that I am getting behind on my blog. It has also been a struggle to keep eating healthy only because I am never home when it comes time to eat and I end up having to grab something quick. Hopefully I can figure out how to manage my time a little better so that doesn’t happen so often. Yesterday I was so busy all day in the city that I was too exhausted when I got home to even get in a workout. Today I am pretty tired, and I know now that it is from not eating so great, but, I am going to try to suck it up and get in a c25k workout. I just can’t let myself get slack on the exercise again.

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