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link to depression…

I personally this weekend have linked my states of depression to the junk that I eat. With my dad here for a visit, I have basically eaten nothing but junk. It started with the diet pop which I now believe is a trigger for me to eat more junk and have binges. Normally I can have an occasional glass of diet coke (I don’t really like pop so just don’t drink it) and be fine but, when my dad visits, we drink a lot more of it. And I have noticed the last few visits that it triggers junk eats. So I guess even diet pop will have to be avoided. I have also, with this recent visit and junk eats, that yes, it causes me to become depressed, like I am today. The depression today has of course caused me to eat more junk (as depression commonly does with a lot of people). So now I feel like total crap and lethargic. The garbage has been eaten all up now as of lunch so I hope I can get back on track now. And I need some EXERCISE!

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