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need exercise!

Well, I am feeling better in the sense of no more nausea and headaches or depression. How ever, I still feel like CRAP. Each day, I started out great with my healthy eating and water intake and then, by the end of dinner, back to the chips and ice-cream and you name it. A big part of it is the holiday time my dh has been on. He is real big on the junk food habit in spite of my best efforts, so it is in the house and being eaten by the whole family all the time. Another big part is that I have been shorter on funds these past couple of weeks than usual and have had to skip fruit guy. Fruit guy has always, unknown to him, played a big part in my weight loss efforts and benefits. But hd is back to work after the weekend so hopefully I can start getting back on track. I am going to do my best today and somehow, find the funds for fruit guy tomorrow.

As for exercise, I am sure you guys know where that has gone! Out the window big time. With so much junk comes No exercise. Why oh why is there that connection? With my depression and crappy feeling, my support system, ie my kids, have flown the coop in order to avoid the wrath of miserable mom. I need my birdies back to get me off my butt and back on my running feet! But, I have gotten to the point where I am starting to crave some movement, some exercise! I can actually feel my rear expanding while I sit all week! LOL.

What about you? Do you have a good support system? or a sabotage system? Do your finances make an impact on your weight loss success or failure?

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