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Thought I would die!

Yeah, I did it! Thought I was going to die in the process! I was killing me! I finally got to do Phase 1, workout A, day 1, yesterday. It really worked me out. I honestly thought when I looked over the workouts that it would be nothing. Ezee, pezee. Was I ever wrong! I am sore (but the good sore) and still pooped.

After my pouting yesterday, I decided to take a better look in the place I was sure I had put the core ball plug and there it was. So my dd and I headed to the garage to find an end that would fit on the compressor and into my ball for quick and easy filling and I was all set. I guess I hadn’t looked over the exercises as well as I thought because all of a sudden, I needed a step bench for a workout. So I had to stop and hunt down the old step bought for our kids to reach the sink on the bathroom. Bless my dd, she had it in her closet! All went well but, dd actually had to hold the core ball straight so I could get my shins on it for the prone jackknife workout! I just couldn’t get enough balance. That I believe was the toughest part just because of the balancing factor.

Later in the evening, dd and I went for a quick, calorie burning bike ride on the new paths the town just put in. Only takes about 10 mins to walk the whole thing but, doing it a few times at a quick pace on a bike can sure give you a workout.

My eating was great yesterday and so far today. Healthy and on track. I sure am starting to feel great again. It was so good to get up and workout yesterday and then to get some sun. I sure hate when the depression hits me and all I do is sit on my ass in the house. Almost a whole week of it. Nice to be out of the doldrums.

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