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junk foods and tiredness.

I have really, really been noticing the relationship between the junk I might eat and how tired I feel. Since I have started eating healthy, I have been less tired (even though I thought there was no difference) and generally feeling all around better. I never realized how truely big of an impact on my tiredness my eating has. Just two nights of b-day celebration foods and I am comatose tired again. I can’t believe I lived with this comatose tiredness all those years. I know as I right this and how I feel, that I will have no energy or motivation to do a thing other than nap all day. So sorry kids!

I was delusional too about how well I was or wasn’t eating all those years. I went often to the doc about my tiredness and he could never find anything wrong. I always insisted I ate well. After all, I did hace a salad with my dinner of poutine fries and chicken fingers with a layer of coating 6 inches thick. I was SO eating just fine and healthy! HA! Now I know the truth.

So I will do my best today to drink more water (not diet soda – as discovered by Ron), and eat great so that I can hopefully get my limp body off the bed to do my NROWL workout (which I am amazing looking forward too), and spend some time with the kiddies.

And here is a pic of the wonderful b-day cake the kids made me. It has 3 layers, each layer with chocolate cake chunks, chocolate pudding, cool whip and crushed skor bar. DELISH!


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