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NORLW and biking

Wow, was NROLW workout A ever tough today. Squats I had to do with just my body weight as I just could NOT manage them with any weight. My workout band for the seated row snapped and gave a rat’s tail to both of my daughters who were near by. Funny! I couldn’t for the life of me find an alternative for that exercise so had to skip it. Made me pissed! Later in the evening though, I realized that I could have done a bent over row with my bar bell in place of it.

After dinner, my dd and her boyfriend took my other dd and myself out to the hiking/biking trails for some trail riding. Man do I ever love to trail ride. And man do I ever love my new bike. Out in nature. I burn about 1000 calories each time we go with all those hills.

We had stopped for a break and heard a coyote howl. My daughter asked way they were howling and dd boyfriend said that since it was getting dark, they were starting to come out. Well, you should have seen the turbo speed my legs and bike seems to have all of a sudden. Burning rubber I was. Couldn’t get out of there fast enough! At one point, my youngest dd was ahead of me and around the corner and she hollered “We’re there!” meaning back at the truck. What I heard was, “A BEAR” and I swear I needed a bathroom right then and there and the paramedics too! LOL. Rolling on the floor It was great and we had a lot of fun.

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