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3000 calories!

Yesterday the kids and dd’s boyfriend and I went in to the city to bike on the nature trails along the river valley. It was an awesome great time. We biked for 39 kms and with breaks it took us about 5 1/2 hours. There were times when I forgot to re-start my heart rate monitor for about 20 mins at a time so it may have been longer and I know I burned more than 3000 calories but I don’t know how much more. The kids figure I burned off a pound! That is really quite the workout with all those hills! Great fun though. This is where we went:


And this is where we went for a healthy dinner afterwards:                           




On Friday I did NROLW workout B. I could only do 1 set of the lunges as my glutes and hamstrings were very strained still from the first workout B lunges. I have always had trouble with lunges and squats because of my knee so I always over compensate with my other leg muscles which strains them. After NROLW I decided to do a week 2 of C25K. The brisk walking bothered my leg muscles but, amazingly, the running parts did not. In fact, the running was extremely soothing to my legs and strained muscles. Go figure! It sure was nice to get a run in.

Today is my dd birthday. She is now 18. Where has the time gone. Don’t know if I will manage to get in my days NROLW workout today. We will see.

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  1. August 16, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    Holy crow – 3000K! That is awesome!

    Lunges are hard, but you do so many with NROLW that you will get better and better at them.

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