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nice to have a moment…

Wow, is it ever nice to get a moment to catch up on blogs and get here to update. My dad has been visiting for a little over a week and when he’s here, I just can’t get in the time to exercise. Everyday, and I mean EVERY day, we have gone to the city and was there the whole day. I think I learned more about the city in a week than I did when I actually lived there! Today my dad is off with the hubby for a couple of hours so I am going to take advantage of my spare time and get a C25K session in. And boy! do I ever miss trail biking! Hopefully I will get a chance to go this weekend. School starts for the kids on monday and I am back to work. Plus, one of the areas we bike in allows natives ( I that the correct term? I don’t want to upset anyone.) to hunt from mid sept. to mid nov? dec? so we don’t want to be in that area as of sept.

Honestly, having a whole month off, I thought I would be able to lose a few lbs with all the time I would have for exercise and healthy eating. Well, the week of depression I had stalled that idea, and the 3 birthdays in a row plus the unexpected week and a half of my dad. Everyday in the city was at least 2 meals out which is always a problem for me and weight loss. Not every restaurant is weight conscious. So my clothes are snugger and I sure am scared off my weigh – in on Monday. It will be my first in a month. Hopefully the damage won’t be too bad.

So far today for breakfast was cherries, cottage cheese and a piece of squirelly bread toast with coffee. As soon as breakfast settles, I will be on my treadmill. I am so excited to have a chance to workout!

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