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Agoraphobia what?

Maybe some one can explain this to me. I am at a total loss. I get up everyday on my work week and head out to work no problem. Want to go trail biking or hiking? No prob. But, walk the half block to check the  mail,  pop down to the store for some groceries, or weed my garden? Talk a run outdoors? Forget it! No way!

For some reason that I don’t understand or can’t even explain, it is almost impossible to get myself to leave the house. I am afraid for some unknown, unreasonable reason. I have never had a bad or tramatic experience happen to me out in the world that would explain it. (not even the fright from the other night. That has happened before and just pisses me off!) Last spring, summer, and fall I had absolutely no problem going outside to do outside things. I especially loved doing my running outdoors, or rollerblading, or walking. This year, you practically have to drag me kicking and screaming to get me out there. Once I get going I am fine and in the cases of biking or running, I don’t even want to go home when I am done. So, today is SO beautiful outside and the nice weather won’t be here for much longer but, I won’t even open my curtains. What the hell? I love the outdoors, once you’ve dragged me out. My DD is the best at getting me out there to run. But without her? Forget it!!

Is it some unconscious fear of something happening to me when alone that keeps me stuck here? No probs going to work each day. No probs going out biking or hiking with DD and her boyfriend.No probs walking uptown to check mail or visit the grocery store with one of my kids.

Now that I think about it, no probs going out with my dog.

I guess my pup will actually start getting the daily exercise she needs!

Any ideas?

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