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A surprise! and a new favorite :)

This morning, my son texts me and asks me to thaw out some chicken breasts and pick up some onions. I figured he just wanted some chicken breast something for dinner but, I was curious and asked him why? My dear precious boy is going to cook dinner for his family tonight! He already has something planned which involves the chicken, onions, potatoes and the bar-b-que. I am so excited for dinner!

Lunch today involved a home made greek salad which include this, my new favorite:

greek feta dressing

greek feta dressing

greek feta dressing

greek feta dressing

I just bought this today because I was too lazy to make my own greek dressing. Notice how the bottle is 1/4 empty? One word of CAUTION  ❗ remove the little squeeze top out of the bottle as the feta gets stuck, you squeeze harder, and plop, splash, 1/4 of the bottle of salad dressing is now covering your carefully made salad! Thankfully I was able to scrape most of it to the side of my plate and there is only 35 cals per tbsp but, I still think I ate my WEEKLY quota of salt. Very delicious stuff though.

Maybe I should have named this post 2 surprises…. because this sure took me by surprise today while doing my Wii Fit body test!


The test also told me that I am now down from 172 lbs to 168 1/2 lbs. yeah! That means I only have 1/2 lb to go to make my goal of 4 lbs this month in Lori’s 30 day challenge.

How are you guys who have Wii fits doing on your body tests?

  1. September 25, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    WOW, I’ve never seen my COB exactly in the middle! That’s AWESOME!

    And I am so GLAD to find someone else who uses the Wii Fit to measure. I threw out my scale because the Wii balance board is so much more accurate and finely tuned. (Not to mention, always encouraging!)

    Now I am motivated to try and get my dot in the middle too. (Though I have to add, to get it exactly in the centre, I have to lean forward very much. Do you find that, too? At the moment I’m not worried about the horizontal line, just the vertical line and I’m still point something of a percent to one or the other side (sigh).

    Congratulations on your neat downwards shift, too, whoohoo!

  2. September 25, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    hmmmm… nice goals – truthfully a little more ambitious than I’mready for, but every elephant starts with a bite so i’m in… I can’t wait to check it out! Thanks for the heads up… and inspiration!

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