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“Hot 100” check-in #2.

Today is the “Hot 100-going out with a bang” check in # 2.                                          hot100-small

Here is a re-cap of my “Hot 100–going out with a bang” long term goals:

  1. Finish the C25K program
  2. Run 5k twice per week (or more) once done the program
  3. lose 10 lbs — starting weight 168 lbs.

So far my progress is on a stall. I have lost 3 of the 10 lbs I want to lose by the end of the challenge and that is stalled between losing 1 more lb and then regaining it. I think it may have to do with that particular time of month. Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada and my family celebrated it yesterday. I ate WAY to much and ended up having potato chips with diet pop later in the day with the family. Believe me, waking up with a severe migraine which nothing will help to relieve, is definately NOT worth the chips. Plus, they didn’t even taste good.

Here were my goals for week 3:

  1. drink at least 8 glasses of water daily–did good until sat when busy in city ALL day and didn’t get my water in.
  2. get through the weekend without a junk food bingereally over ate Thanksgiving dinner and had yucky potato chips and diet coke.
  3. at least walk on treadmill daily until feeling better–good until friday when busy schedule prevented me from finding the time throughout the weekend. Feel awful without a workout.
  4. when better, more active workout such as running–lots of wii fit and wii fit plus and treadmill 50 min walks.
  5. finish another full week of healthy eating–made it until Sunday’s Thanksgiving dinner.

My goals for week 4 are as follows:

  1. drink at least 8 glasses of water daily
  2. get through the weekend without a junk food binge
  3. re-do week four (4) of C25K
  4. walk, rollerblade or Wii fit on non running days
  5. finish another full week of healthy eating
  6. one or two rest days

I really need to focus on the water for the next couple of days since I had a lack of it through the weekend. Plus, I should help to flush out the chips which have been making me suffer all day. I am back on track as of this morning and have a delicious turkey salad planned for dinner to stay away from the turkey buns. My hubby is thankfull too for the salad idea since he has been on the healthy eating wagon for 2-3 weeks now and his splurge yesterday has not made him feel too happy either. (lucky bugger has lost 11 lbs since starting 2-3 weeks ago and hasn’t even added in the exercise yet!)

Okay, I am off to get another tall glass of water to drink while I catch up on all your blogs.

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  1. October 12, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    Holiday weeks are so tough. The good thing about them though is that it reminds us how much we really don’t want to eat like that all the time. 🙂 It sounds like you did good until the weekend. Now make this a great week!

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