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Yoga: a new workout.

Yesterday I decided to go for another run. I don’t usually run two days in a row but, my body was screaming for a run. Baring teeth I repeated week 6 day 1 since I knew I could handle doing that segment two days in a row. Today I will do something different for my workout during the day and have the evening off to watch my favourite shows: Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries.

Thanks to my friend Carla and her love for yoga, I have been inspired to get myself re-acquainted with yoga . Years ago I practiced yoga on a regular basis and loved it. I felt great all around. I think it was when I started working again that I quit practicing yoga, finding I just didn’t have the time. After hearing how much Carla was enjoying doing the yoga with her Wii fit plus, I gave it a try one day. Instantly I was in love with yoga again.  Love Struck Since then I have been focusing on other things but, since I need to get something different into my exercise routine, I am going to start yoga again. Today! I will use my Wii Fit Plus to make up a yoga routine that I can use regularly.

How many of you guys add yoga to your workout routines?

  1. November 5, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    No yoga here. I guess I am just not familiar enough with it.

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