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Yippy!, Friday I got to buy my first pair of skinny jeans ever!  I love them on my daughters and have always wanted to have a pair. Being over weight, I have always been afraid to even try a pair on. My kids, even my son, said that I am looking good and that a pair of skinny’s would look good on me. Yea right!image

On Friday, we all decided to go swimming in the city. Afterwards, we headed to Stitches so my son and daughter could get themselves some new jeans. I was persuaded to try on a pair of skinny’s. I picked the dark pink?/red? dark stone washed look pair in my normal size of stitches jeans and the next size down, just in case. Well, the one size down fit like a charm. I was so excited as I know skinny’s already fit smaller and tighter than there regular jeans.  My hubby came over to take a look and thought I looked great, and my youngest kept liking here finger and toughing my rear with a sizzle sound! LOL. Everyone thought I looked good enough to constitute 2 new pairs.

On another note, I ran week 6 day 3 of my C25K program yesterday. A warm-up followed by 25 mins straight of running. Yikes! But, I did it. All 25 mins! I was so proud of myself and it felt so great. I will have to set my iPod Nike + for a custom workout now as I usually set it for a 5km distance but, yesterdays workout almost took me past my 5kms. Now I am starting week 7 which, if I remember correctly, is straight running, no walking. SCARY! 

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  1. November 22, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    Bravo on week 6! You’ll be fine now. Once you get past the 25 minute mark, it’s pretty much the same 😀

    I answered your email about shipping, btw.

  2. December 10, 2009 at 11:15 am

    Skinnys are ok but just not a big fan as of now 😦

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