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Weekly goal update….

Silly, silly me! i forgot all about updating my weekly goals and posting them for yesterday. Late but here it is.

So, last weeks goals for me were:

1) make SURE to get in 8 or more glasses of H2O!!!—most days I made it.
2) eat some lower calorie meals to compensate for my weekend.—did it and made progress!
3) make sure to workout each day, especially running which I has missed! (side note: thank god I have been running as I left my purse in a restaurant in the CITY and when realizing it an hour later, had to run all the way back! No, not all the way back to the city! You sillies! Just to the restaurant. And boy did I run! Thankfully, nothing was taken as the waitress found my purse right away!)—managed to finish week 6 of C25K and get started on week 7.
4) concentrate on NOT overeating!—I can’t remember for sure but, I think I succeeded here.
5) get enough sleep!!!!—not so much. Always has been a problem with my insomnia.
6) eat lots and lots of veggies.—success! had to go to Costco in the city twice for veggie stuffs!

My goals for this week are:

  1. drink 8 glasses of water daily.
  2. finish week 7 of C25K.
  3. do at least 2 sessions of yoga.
  4. eat lots of veggies.
  5. loss 1 more lb to make it 10 lost total so far.

And for some personal goals not related to weight loss:

  1. update my web store with more products
  2. start designing a web site that I am hoping to get up and going by spring
  3. come up with some ideas for my kids for Christmas!!!
  1. November 24, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    Looks like an overall successful week on the goals. That would have had my heart racing to have forgotten something as important as a purse. I have done something similar to that before – left my wallet on a counter. Grr!

  2. November 25, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    Looking good! I also read that you’re back to 159, congrats and I know what ya mean about the halloween candy! Dernit!!!

    I’m really not sure what I’m gettin my girls for Christmas this year. Was thinking of making a coupon booklet for my oldest daughter redeemable for various things such as movie night w/mom, get out of jail free (i.e.being grounded),etc. She’s 13. The older they get the harder it is to shop for them…I hope you come up with some good ideas!

    Well, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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