Right now, my life is boring. Nothing new in my goals to talk about, everything is just the same. My weight keeps fluctuating, down to 159 them back up to 161 or 162. It always seems to take weeks to get back to the 159. I just wish it would get into the 150’s for good.

I have just been trucking along on my healthy eating, hoping that it will make the 150’s here to stay but, no luck. It may be my struggle with keeping my water intake at steady levels each day or the fact that I eat no salt one day them extra salt the next. Who knows. It’s frustrating though.

Now is the start to my week off of work. I am going to try to get my Christmas shopping done this week, it is a source of panic attacks for me this year and I know it stems from the tramatic past 2 Christmas’s we have had. I am hoping to make this Christmas extra fun and special so that I can get past the dread, depression and panic that is gripping me tightly this year.

On thursday, I pushed myself into doing week 7 day 2 of C25K inspite of my exhausting job. I do know that exercise will help in the long run with being able to get through each work week less exhausted. But, it will take time and it will only happen if I can push my self  into doing my workouts work week also. So today I will focus on doing day 3 of week 7 and then, I can get on with WEEK 8!

I seemed to be having more and more days where, I don’t seem to have much of anything interesting to say. I feel as if you guys are getting bored with my posts so, in the interest of keeping my readers interested, what would you guys like to see here? Can you give me some ideas? It is through your support that I am managing to keep going at my goals at all. You guys are my support community, my supportive family and I sure don’t want to lose you! 🙂

  1. November 28, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    I have thought the same type of things in the past. At that point, I just began journaling with my blog. Sure, there were times I am sure I bored people, but the real reason I blog is for accountability.

  2. November 28, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    You can just to any daily journal. I am always surprised at how people come to see what I am eating LOL!
    You an always talk about different things, products, or habits that have helped you so far.

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