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Realization and walking is tough!

Yesterday for my workout I did C25K week 8, day 1.  Week 8 people!! 28 mins straight of running! And I loved it. It felt great. 🙂  I am almost there. Almost fully done the C25K program. I am very excited about finishing and the fact that I have grown to love running is a bonus. 5 K races, here I come!!  😀

Today for my workout I decided to concentrate on a 500 calorie burned workout. I don’t burn that many calories while running, usually around 350. So since I have been stuck with getting into the 150’s, I figure if I up some of my calorie burning, I just might get past my stuck point. My workout of choice was walking on my treadmill. I picked a speed of 4 mph and off I went. At the hour mark, I had to lower my speed to 3.5 mph as wow, could I ever feel it in my legs! It took a total time of 1hr 22 mins to walk 5.84 miles (according to my ipod, 5.04 miles according to my treadmill) and to burn 502 calories. I think I am more exhausted after a walk than after a run!

Sitting down last night and going over my eating and exercise in my mind, trying to figure out why I am struggling to break into the 150’s, I came to a realization. During my work weeks, we need to inhale our snacks and lunches due to time restraints. Because of this, my body does not have the time needed to decide if I have had enough or not. Because I don’t feel full, in goes more. A half hour back into work, I feel SO SO full. Obviously I have eaten way more than needed, way past the satisfied point. Doing this all week, I see upage in the scale department. And it really does take until the end of my week off to have slowed down enough in my eating (since I have lots of time to eat at home) to realize when I am satisfied. This is also when I notice the scale going back down. Unfortunately, work is only a couple days away and the cycle begins again. 👿

So my problem is going to be to figure out a way to slow down and breath while I eat so my body can let me know when I am done. Or pack less for lunch until I can adjust to the amount needed to be satisfied.

How many of you have this problem? Maybe you do and haven’t realized it yet yourself? How do you manage with time restraints at work come meal time?

Now my wonderful friends, I am off to get some more Christmas shopping done. I actually came up with a couple of good ideas for my hubby and son. 🙂

  1. December 4, 2009 at 7:59 am

    Week 8 ! Go back now and read what you wrote during week 1 and see how far you have come 😀

    • December 4, 2009 at 9:47 am

      It is amazing how at the beginning of C25K, I thought it would kill me first, that I would never be able to do it. Now it amazes me how I can actually run for 28 mins straight!

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