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A new fruit for me and C25K week 8 done!

Okay, one of my goals for the week was to try a new fruit or veggie that I have never had before. Upon going to the local store, I discovered that there is absolutely no different types of veggies other than the basics that we all are used to. So I had to pick a fruit. Same problem. The only thing is cold find was in the freezer section. This is the winner:


Frozen cranberries. I have had cranberry juice but never an actual cranberry. During occasions where I serve those canned cranberries which everyone seems to love, I was ALWAYS to afraid to try them. I was still very afraid to try these frozen ones so I can up with a compromise. One of my new Oxygen magazines had a new smoothie of the month that required fresh of frozen cranberries. So that is how I tried them. I made the smoothie. It was delicious.

For those interested, here is my version (Oxygen used orange juice but I used water instead since I don’t like orange juice):

For one serving:

half a medium peeled orange

1/2 cup cranberries

1/2 cup water

mix in blender until well blended, then add:

1 scoop of vanilla or plain protein powder

blend until smooth

This smoothie was delicious but, I find that the citrusness of it gives me acid reflux and a burning sensation in my stomach. Is that why I have never liked orange juice? I have had it 3 times this week and each time I have the same acid reflux results.

Now what I need to do is see if I like them plain like I do frozen blueberries!

Update: I am now up to 20.15 miles done in the 265 and falling marathon week challenge, thanks to finishing week 8 of my C25K program. Yippy!! But, guess what? I didn’t just run for the 28 mins. When the 28 mins was done, I felt great and kept on going for a total of 40 mins straight of running! 40 mins!

  1. December 7, 2009 at 11:05 am

    OMG Get out!!! 40 minutes??? of running??? CONGRATULATIONS! That is friggin awesome! I’m doing my happy dance for you.

    I’ve never had fresh or frozen cranberries before – they are on my list of things to try. Acid reflux is no fun, but it does sound like the cranberries caused it. 😦

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