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Bad news!

Aaaauuurrggg!!! My treadmill burned out!

Yesterday during my run, the motor of my treadmill started to smell horribly of burning electrical. The belt then succeeded to stop and start, throwing me into the console. What a shock! I took the cover off to take a look and the motor was too hot to even touch.

Thinking back, I bought my treadmill at least 4 years ago, probably more. I do know that the warranty and in home service calls are over now. I do have, according to the stickers on my treadmill, 25 year motor and drivetrain warranty. So this morning I will have to call up the store where I bought it and see what I have to do. I no longer know where the receipt is so I hope they have it on record somewhere. It is really going to suck having to pack that mega heavy this into my jeep to take it into the city. And how long till it’s fixed? I finally, finally, after a year, got myself back to where I can run 4 miles no problem. I really don’t want to lose that while I wait forever for my treadmill back.

I guess the 40 min trek to the gym will be happening. I just fear those slippery highways to the city though. By the way, it was my C25K week 9, day 2 that I finished while, doing a 4 mile run. I guess day 3 will be at the gym. The problem with treking all the way to the gym is that by time I get there after 40 mins, I am too tired to do the workout! I really dislike that drive. And my workweeks don’t leave me time to go to the gym after work. Man, what to do! I wonder if my store has loaner treadmills. ????

Wish me luck that I will have no problems getting my treadmill covered under the motor warranty and that I get it back in record time!

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