C25K done!! and weekly update.

Inspite of the -40 degrees celsius that we had yesterday (apparently we were the second coldest place next to some city in Russia!), I made the 40 min trek into the city to hit the gym. It had been since Thursday that I have had a chance to exercise.

I decided to run on the track instead of the treadmill. It darn near killed me! One side of the track has a hill. And I had forgotten about that and, I am not so use to the hills (I am too much of a wuss to up the incline once in a while on my treadmill) so, I thought I would die trying to get my last day of C25K done. But I did it! 5km run! It feels so great to be able to run 5K straight again. And a lesson is learned about the hills. Avoid them at all costs!!! Just kidding. 😉  I must make sure to vary my incline once in a while.

C25K program is DONE!!!

As for my treadmill, I guess my hubby is more impressed with my weight loss efforts and how hard I have been working than I thought. He told me to hurry up and get the service guy in to fix my treadmill even though it will cost around $400.00 because, I need to have my treadmill so I can keep up the good work. He also knows how hard it is for me to get back into a steady program once I have been off for a week or two. He even commented that he is not surprised it needs some repairs as I have logged many, many miles on that thing in the past two years (plus I am on my third pair of running shoes which, he said it is also about time I got my 4th pair!).

Humm? where is my hubby? What have you done with him? 🙂

Now for my weekly update:

My goals for last week were:

  1. drink 8 glasses of water daily.managed to get them in. most of them were in hot water form.
  2. finish week 9 of C25K.–DONE! yipey!
  3. do at least 2 sessions of yoga.–just haven’t found the time when the house wasn’t in an uproar.
  4. eat lots of veggies.–with every meal.
  5. loss 1 more lb to make it 10 lost total so far.–managed to lose 4 to make it a total of 13 lost so far for the challenge.
  6. get through the week and especially the weekend without any junk food!–had one night where I snacked on hickory sticks brought home by my hubby. I love hickory sticks and can’t stay away!
  7. try a new vegetable or fruit.–I tried avacodos. They were used in tuna salad instead of mayo. Not too bad.

So my goals for this next week will be:

  1. drink 8 glasses of water daily.
  2. get in 5 workouts even if it means dusting off my old DVD workouts until treadmill is fixed.
  3. do at least 2 sessions of yoga.
  4. eat lots of veggies.
  5. try to lose another pound. Will take it week by week to see how much more I can lose for the challenge.
  6. get through the week and especially the weekend without any junk food!
  7. try a new vegetable or fruit.

Now I am off to see if my Jeep will start and get it warmed up nice and good. It is -32 degrees right now, not counting the wind chill. I need to go in and get some Christmas shopping done with my dad. He made the trek here, a 4 hour drive, on Saturday just so we could get some shopping done today. Hopefully his car will start today, it took the whole day yesterday to get it started even after having been plugged in.

Enjoy your day, keep warm and keep making those healthy choices!

  1. December 15, 2009 at 6:58 am

    Good grief that is cold! Hats off to you for getting out in that.

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