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My hubby…the snitch!

April 23, 2010 7 comments

Our trainer told us to switch up our cardio, more intensity, more cross training, in order the shake up our bodies to get the fat burning in full gear.

So I walked yesterday, at incline 15, at speed 2.5–3.5. And sweated like a pig, dripping off my face and soaking my shirt.

I decided to take a break and paused the machine, had a drink of water and catch my breathe. Killer look from hubby who is not used to cardio work and is doing the same as me in order to get his fat burning in full gear. “I’m telling our trainer your cheating!” he says.

I am only taking a break I say.

“No breaks allowed. Cheaters never prosper.” he says.

So I hop right back to it. I don’t want to be ratted on. I know what is in store for me from my trainer if I cheat! 😮

The next time, I decide to pause the machine to wipe sweat, take a drink and catch a breathe and hubby says, ” I was going to let the last cheat slide but this time, I ‘m telling! Cheaters never prosper!”

So when my trainer came to see us later in our workouts (last night was a night on our own), hubby was like a chirping bird pipping up right away to be sure to let my trainer know how I was taking cheat breaks during my cardio!

And there, when our trainer turned to look at me, was that wickedly evil grin of his that means I am in for some punishment next one on one day! 😮

He also caught me slacking during my core. I was off in a corner doing some planks. After one of my planks I was laying on my belly just watching one of the other trainers train his guy, and I was kind of ingrossed in watching and forgetting about my core workout for what must have been 10 mins or so. There is a door in the corner where it turned out my trainer was watching me from the other side. I didn’t notice him or I would have worked hard! 🙂

“Whatcha doing?” he asked me when he popped out from behind the door.

Doing planks. I say.

Oh ya. he says. With that grin!

I am going to die next one on one day. Because, I am sure the whole time he was watching, I was very, very busy resting and watching the other trainer! I am so going to die! LOL

It’s all good though. I love it when he pushes me past where I would have quit on my own. That is how I will see results and get to where I want to be. Next one on one is Monday. Maybe I should get to my will?! 😉


Chest, shoulders and tri’s, oh my!

April 22, 2010 5 comments

Yesterday was another chest, shoulders, triceps and core workout with my trainer. I knew I was in for some punishment when he such a wickedly evil grin while asking if I was ready. 🙂 I should have turned and ran!! LOL. What a killer of a workout he gave me. He is the superset king! He kept checking my face for beads of sweat and if saw none, upped the intensity! When I wimped out and he needed to drop the weight, he would add 5 reps! I didn’t know what was worse, the higher weight or the extra reps! LOL. And crap! For my core, since I could do 50 normal crunches without any squinting, he put me on the stability ball for my crunches. Damn that sucks! LOL.

I do have a lot, lot of fun with my workouts now. I can’t help but laugh while trying to lift my water bottle to my lips after for a drink. I may need to hire someone now to feed me my water! It may be tough, with him kicking my ass but, wow, are they ever awesome workouts and I feel so fantastic after wards. Besides, isn’t that why I hired him? He told me he would lean me out, and I think 6 lbs is a good start, don’t you? 🙂 And as an added bonus, I am sleeping like a log now. No more insomnia!

I definitely feel for those girls on ‘The last 10 pounds boot camp’ now!


April 21, 2010 5 comments


Okay, I know that we are supposed to go by how our clothes fit to tell the truth about our weight loss but, come on! No matter how much we know this, some of us still need to see the numbers on the scale to really feel like we are getting somewhere. And as much as I hate it, I have to admit that I am one of those people, though it is getting better. I no longer am obsessive compulsive about weighing everday. And when a pair of pants no longer fit, like my workout pants that I now have to hike up every 10 secs while running at the gym, I feel so thrilled, so over the moon with happiness and excitement that, how my clothes fit should be enough. For a while it is and then back to the numbers on the scale!

So, back to the yipey you guys are wondering about. My scale this morning showed a loss of 6 lbs!! I am now in the 140’s!!  148.2 lbs. I love it and ready to try on my jeans again. I have been wearing nothing but yoga and workout pants for weeks (because of the gym) so have no idea how my beloved jeans fit. And I will love it lots if I need to go shopping! 🙂

Another week down…

April 16, 2010 9 comments

Phew, what a week it has been here for me. Work, work, work, gym, gym, gym! Tonight I have decided to take a night off and do absolutely nothing. I am beat! 🙂

I had two more sessions with my trainer this week. One was a leg day with hubby and the other was a chest, shoulder, triceps day just my trainer and I. He kicked my butt!! And I loved it. I am in love!!    ( with resistance training and the gym you warped minded people, you! 😉  Though I do have to mention again that my trainer is some major eye candy! 🙂

Can’t seem to get out of the 150’s in weight. I briefly (for one day) got down to 149 but, this was about a month ago now. Does anyone know how much weight in muscle someone can put on in two weeks? I seem to have gained 4 lbs in the past week for no apparent reason other than maybe muscle gain weight and/or muscle holding water? Either way, as long as I loss the rest of the fat I have to lose, even if I stay this same weight but with muscle, I will be happy. 150 lbs of muscle is a heck of a lot more attractive than 150 lbs of fat! 🙂

So tonight and tomorrow will be rest days and Sunday will be a long run day as long as I am not still to beat by then. I am also hoping to get to the gym again on Sunday too. Heading off now to get caught up on all your blogs that I missed this week.

Our late Easter.

April 11, 2010 8 comments

Last weekend I was horribly ill and didn’t get a chance to shop for our Easter meal. So today is going to be our Easter dinner. We are having a turkey with potatoes, cauliflower, beets, stuffing (of course!!) and a salad. I was thinking of having the salad I saw over here at Brandon’s. It looks absolutely delicious and will be a change from our regular tossed salad.

I am hoping to not over eat because I am anxious to hit the gym for a few hours tonight. I feel like a need a good workout and getting a little crabby because of it. We didn’t make it to the gym Friday because of the stupid spring snow storm we had and the very slippery highways. Yesterday also turned out to be a bust from sheer laziness on both mine and hubby’s behalf. LOL 🙂

Oh, we just got a phone call….we have 3 hermit crabs and my daughters friends mom just called to ask if we are interested in having 3 more. Turns out that they are her kids pets and they are not taking care of them. So I said we could take them. They are a very interesting and unique pet to have. I have personally spent hours just watching them move around and eat and climb. They definitely have personalities all there own! LOL. Thankfully we bought a 10 gallon tank recently for my daughters crab to have a bigger place to live. This must be our Easter gift! 🙂

Okay, I must go and give my turkey a baste (smelling delicious here now! ) Oh, uncle John just showed up. Talk to you all later. Have a great day!

Session two

April 9, 2010 5 comments

Yesterday was my second session with my personal trainer. It was back day and wow, what a back workout he gave hubby and I. I do think absolutely every back muscle I have was worked and it felt great, and feels great today too. Just the perfect amount of muscle soreness, so you know you had a great workout but, not overdone.


What a difference too with our trainer compared to when just hubby and I do it on our own. His back routine really worked us out compared to what hubby and I would have done. I love it! 🙂

I also tried out a new way to do back extensions. This way was so much more effective than the way I was used to doing it and I now have a new favourite exercise.

back extension bench 

         back extension





Working my lower back has always helped out at work where we are on our feet 7 out of 8 hours in the day. I found that my lower back was not getting sore during the day. But I was always using the seated back extension, which is also good, but, I find I like this angle bench back extension bench much better!

I also had a good 5K run on the treadmill, my first run in about two weeks. It felt SO great and so familiar. It would be nicer to have more time on the machines at the gym to get a longer run in but, I just may have to shuffle things around at home to get my own treadmill set back up to get the longer runs in. Or, maybe the gosh darned weather could co-operate and get warm enough again to run outside!

And for the first time in a long time, after my awesome day of working out, I felt totally stress free. 🙂 So today has been a great, stress relieved day.

What a workout!

April 7, 2010 7 comments

So my hubby and I finally made the plunge and hired ourselves a personal trainer. We have never used one before so it is definitely a new and different experience.

He has taken the workout routine that my hubby has been following from a book of his, looked it over and decided that it is a great routine for us to follow with a few tweaks here and there and the odd exercise change. It will also tweak some of the exercises to better suit me and toughen up others for my hubby.

Last night was our first workout with our trainer and let me just say,  ‘It was awesome!!’  We are learning proper technique which absolutely makes a huge difference in how well that exercise works for you. We noticed a difference in how the routine felt last night with proper technique compared to on our own. It was a very exciting and fun workout (and for the girls: not to mention that he is very nice on the eyes! 🙂 ) Every time my free weights would touch, he would make me do two more! LOL Makes you learn balance and control really quickly! LOL 😉 We have another session tomorrow and then will decide on next week. I do know that my hubby would like some one on one with him as well as our couples training.

I have been feeling like crap since my dads passing with all the stress I am under and not eating as well as I should. I have been stress eating and lots of junk to boot so it is very much time to get back to my regular workouts and eating clean. In the past week with my low immune system from stress, I managed to have a very sick day with throwing up and diahrea and now have headache and stuffy sinus. I feel like it is going to be a WHOPPER  of a cold! 😦 I started taking some vitamin supplements and extra vitamin C to help with my immune system and see if I can avoid any more or too much more down time.I haven’t had any runs in about two/three weeks now from lack of energy (from stress, lack of exercise and crappy foods obviously!) so I may need to re-evaluate whether I will be able to run the half at the end of May. Maybe one later in the summer or fall will be better for me right now.