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Leg workout and a fresh garden salad…

July 2, 2010 5 comments

Finally, finally I was about to enjoy some of the produce out of my garden. It has been a slow going start for my garden this year as the weather could not meet and settle with a nice growing temperature for the little seeds to take hold. Either it was way to chilly or smoking hot, both of which have negative affects on little seeds and seedlings trying to get their start. But yesterday I was able to collect these to have in a fresh salad:


Romaine Lettuce


I also added some yellow and red peppers and some tomatoes. Unfortunately, I have never had a long enough growind season to be able to grow peppers and tomatoes are always a touchy thing. My tomato plants so far look as if they have been put through the ringer because of the weather instability so I doubt I will have any fresh garden ones this year. I have been blessed with children that absolutely LOVE spinach and I can’t seem to grow enough of it to keep them satisfied. LOL

So, since I missed another day of gym having taken an unexpected day off, today will be my leg workout day. While browsing leg/glute workout videos, I ran across one called the frog squat using dumbbells. I have been doing this move but with kettle bells and never had an idea what the move was called. Frog squats suit it perfectly! Here is a video on how to do frog squats. They are super effective on glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs. I love them! Jodi over at posted a post yesterday on some super effective leg/butt moves to help out us ladies/men who are working on our derriere areas! I have to admit that I am afraid to try out the smith machine because ( and this will seem silly to some of you) it is in the area of the gym where all the big workout equipment is and where all the BIG, BULKY men are. Now I am not in general afraid of the big, bulky men (some of them are ultra hot!) but, little me trying to use an unfamiliar piece of equipment in this environment is FREAKY! Funny how all the big, huge men seem to congregate to the same area of the gym eh?

Anyways, I am off to pick some more fresh spinach and find a spinach dip recipe to use it in. Any of you have a good spinach dip recipe you would like to share? I love spinach dip and just don’t get enough of it in my diet! LOL

And good news about my kids: my son is doing fine after his roll over. The lady in the other car is also doing fine. You would never know my son just had such a serious accident as he is up and about and everything healed. Just some stitches near his one eye visible. And my daughter is starting to regain her memory. Very exciting to hear her talk about things she had forgotten and she didn’t realize she was now remembering. Good, good days! Haven’t heard anything about my uncle yet but, I am sure everything is going good or my grandmother would have phoned me again.


Where has the time gone?

May 2, 2010 1 comment

I can’t believe it has been over a week since I was here last. The time has just been flying by!

Everything has been good this week with me. I did have a day or two where I was having a tough time dealing with the loss of my dad. My hubby finally told my trainer that I have a huge amount of built up anger brewing inside that my trainer is managing to get beat out of my with every workout. So when I went in one day last week in a really pissy, angry mood, and my hubby told my trainer why, he worked it out of me real good! 🙂 I went home in SO much of a better mood and my depression was gone. He ( my trainer) really has turned out to be invaluable. We have been with our trainer for 4 weeks now and really do see a difference in our bodies. As well as our stamina , intensity and moods.

This next week is my week off of work and it will be a full week since my coworker is now back to work from her injury. So I can spend some time focusing on my cardio which I haven’t been having quite enough time to get enough in each day due to time restraints at the gym. That is all good though as it will be a shocker to my body again to up my cardio! 🙂 This week hubby and I are on our own at the gym because our trainer has to go out of town for the week. But, he was so kind as to make sure that we have a schedule of what to do while he is gone. What a guy! 😉

The weather here has been really cool and we are actually expecting some snow in the middle of the week. Can you believe it? May and snow! Yikes! We need the moisture here badly after last year of draught but, I would like to get started on my garden without having to shovel first! LOL I am looking forward to my garden this year for all the fresh produce right at my finger tips. Yum. I really missed having my garden last year.

Sorry for the boring post. Had to get up more than not while writing it so totally lost my train of thought about what I was going to write. Hopefully tomorrows will be better, eh?

Heading out now to get caught up on a weeks worth of posts from all you guys! I will be busy for a while! LOL I was actually getting laptop withdrawal! 😉

10 things I love.

January 14, 2010 3 comments

Wow, I was very pleasantly surprised last night to see that Josie had tagged me with this Happy game award. Thanks so much Josie!

The rules are that I need to tell everyone 10 things in my life that I love, preferably not family as that is pretty much a given! So here goes:

  1. Running— it is my new passion. I never ever thought I would be a runner but, as it turns out, it is just what I needed in my life.
  2. Rollerblading— yep! I started because my girls begged me to buy a pair of rollerblades while we were shopping for theirs. I gave in and now have a new love!
  3. Jeans, jeans, jeans! — now that I can look and feel comfortable in them, I can’t live without them!
  4. Growing my own vegetables — I live for my garden! Last year I had to miss out as hubby had a camaro parked on top. This year my foots down! I get my garden space back!
  5. The Sun— I am a Leo. Nuff said! 😉
  6. Giraffes— one of the most magnificent creatures made by God, next to lions of course. If I could have a giraffe in the back yard, I damn well would! giraffes…..
  7. Reading–Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett is my favorite book.
  8. The beach–I don’t live anywhere near one and it has been about 24 years since I have last been to one. My grandparents used to take me camping in British Columbia to a beach near Salmon Arm for the month of August every summer. I celebrated my birthday on the beach and around a camp fire. Pure bliss. And I will be honest and admit that I am very jealous of anyone who lives near enough one to frequent it when the feel like.!! 😳
  9. Nature–I can hike or bike on the nature trails for ever! I just love the trees and birds and the smell of nature. It makes me feel alive, especially with the sun shining.
  10. My ipod touch–it wasn’t until last summer when I got my first ipod. What a wonderful gadget! I don’t know how I ever lived without it!

Apparently I am now supposed to send this happy award to 10 other people who I think deserve it. I am not going to do that as I think everyone deserves it and because most of my blogging friends have seemed to receive this in the past day or two.

pretty good day

June 9, 2009 1 comment

Today was a good day for eating for day 2. The only problems I had were at dinner when I had some fries and macaroni salad with our chicken. It was good and I for once didn’t over eat. I had alot more energy at work today with eating better. Fruit guy finally came back today after being gone for a week and a half. I know the last time I had been to get fruit, he mentioned his cooler truck was broken so he was probably gone until it was fixed.

Stocked up on these fruits: watermelon, nectarines, strawberries, grapes, and yellow cherries. In the next day or too when I am not to exhausted from work, I can go get groceries and will be able to FINALLY have some fresh produce. Lots of vegs. I sure miss my garden this year but, we are in the middle of building a garage and our back yard is full of construction. No room for my garden this year.

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