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Leg workout and a fresh garden salad…

July 2, 2010 5 comments

Finally, finally I was about to enjoy some of the produce out of my garden. It has been a slow going start for my garden this year as the weather could not meet and settle with a nice growing temperature for the little seeds to take hold. Either it was way to chilly or smoking hot, both of which have negative affects on little seeds and seedlings trying to get their start. But yesterday I was able to collect these to have in a fresh salad:


Romaine Lettuce


I also added some yellow and red peppers and some tomatoes. Unfortunately, I have never had a long enough growind season to be able to grow peppers and tomatoes are always a touchy thing. My tomato plants so far look as if they have been put through the ringer because of the weather instability so I doubt I will have any fresh garden ones this year. I have been blessed with children that absolutely LOVE spinach and I can’t seem to grow enough of it to keep them satisfied. LOL

So, since I missed another day of gym having taken an unexpected day off, today will be my leg workout day. While browsing leg/glute workout videos, I ran across one called the frog squat using dumbbells. I have been doing this move but with kettle bells and never had an idea what the move was called. Frog squats suit it perfectly! Here is a video on how to do frog squats. They are super effective on glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs. I love them! Jodi over at posted a post yesterday on some super effective leg/butt moves to help out us ladies/men who are working on our derriere areas! I have to admit that I am afraid to try out the smith machine because ( and this will seem silly to some of you) it is in the area of the gym where all the big workout equipment is and where all the BIG, BULKY men are. Now I am not in general afraid of the big, bulky men (some of them are ultra hot!) but, little me trying to use an unfamiliar piece of equipment in this environment is FREAKY! Funny how all the big, huge men seem to congregate to the same area of the gym eh?

Anyways, I am off to pick some more fresh spinach and find a spinach dip recipe to use it in. Any of you have a good spinach dip recipe you would like to share? I love spinach dip and just don’t get enough of it in my diet! LOL

And good news about my kids: my son is doing fine after his roll over. The lady in the other car is also doing fine. You would never know my son just had such a serious accident as he is up and about and everything healed. Just some stitches near his one eye visible. And my daughter is starting to regain her memory. Very exciting to hear her talk about things she had forgotten and she didn’t realize she was now remembering. Good, good days! Haven’t heard anything about my uncle yet but, I am sure everything is going good or my grandmother would have phoned me again.


New veggie…..

May 5, 2010 4 comments

On my trip to Costco last week I discovered a veggie? called Edamame in the frozen vegetable section. Since I have heard the word Edamame around alot lately, I decided that this should be a new vegetable experiment in my house. After all, it has been a very long while since we have tried anything new.

I knew absolutely nothing about edamame. I found out that  Edamame is young soybeans, usually still in the pod. Ok, good enough but, I still had no idea. The back of the box said to boil the pods in salted water, or, steam your edamame, then sprinkle with a bit of sea salt. You can eat edamame hot or cold.

Then I found a caution on the box that the pods are NOT edible. Under that, there was instructions on how to eat them. To eat edamame, place the pod at your mouth, then squeeze or bite the beans into your mouth. You don’t eat the pod, just the edamame beans. I thought ‘great, what a pain in the ass to eat veggie. This will go over good with the family because it isn’t bad enough that I am throwing in a foreign food with dinner!’

Well, it turned out that the beans pop out incredible easily into your mouth and it is fun. Fun finger foods. I had a great time eating them and so did my youngest daughter. No comment from hubby but, he did take a bunch of the leftovers for his lunch today. 🙂

How did they taste? I didn’t find that they had very much taste at all, straight out of the pod. But, I still liked them and they would be even better with a little bit of butter and salt.

Nutrition info:  This food is very low in Sodium. It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber (8g/155g serving! wow!), Protein (You get 17g of protein / 155 g serving too.N ice!) , Thiamin, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Copper, and a very good source of Vitamin K, Folate and Manganese.   A nutrition table and more info can be found at found at

So all in all, we did enjoy our new veggie experiment and will definitely include edamame in our healthy eating lifestyle. Now to head off and check out some recipe ideas for the edamame.

Anyone else enjoy edamame? Any good edamame recipe ideas?

10 things I love.

January 14, 2010 3 comments

Wow, I was very pleasantly surprised last night to see that Josie had tagged me with this Happy game award. Thanks so much Josie!

The rules are that I need to tell everyone 10 things in my life that I love, preferably not family as that is pretty much a given! So here goes:

  1. Running— it is my new passion. I never ever thought I would be a runner but, as it turns out, it is just what I needed in my life.
  2. Rollerblading— yep! I started because my girls begged me to buy a pair of rollerblades while we were shopping for theirs. I gave in and now have a new love!
  3. Jeans, jeans, jeans! — now that I can look and feel comfortable in them, I can’t live without them!
  4. Growing my own vegetables — I live for my garden! Last year I had to miss out as hubby had a camaro parked on top. This year my foots down! I get my garden space back!
  5. The Sun— I am a Leo. Nuff said! 😉
  6. Giraffes— one of the most magnificent creatures made by God, next to lions of course. If I could have a giraffe in the back yard, I damn well would! giraffes…..
  7. Reading–Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett is my favorite book.
  8. The beach–I don’t live anywhere near one and it has been about 24 years since I have last been to one. My grandparents used to take me camping in British Columbia to a beach near Salmon Arm for the month of August every summer. I celebrated my birthday on the beach and around a camp fire. Pure bliss. And I will be honest and admit that I am very jealous of anyone who lives near enough one to frequent it when the feel like.!! 😳
  9. Nature–I can hike or bike on the nature trails for ever! I just love the trees and birds and the smell of nature. It makes me feel alive, especially with the sun shining.
  10. My ipod touch–it wasn’t until last summer when I got my first ipod. What a wonderful gadget! I don’t know how I ever lived without it!

Apparently I am now supposed to send this happy award to 10 other people who I think deserve it. I am not going to do that as I think everyone deserves it and because most of my blogging friends have seemed to receive this in the past day or two.

C25K done!! and weekly update.

December 14, 2009 1 comment

Inspite of the -40 degrees celsius that we had yesterday (apparently we were the second coldest place next to some city in Russia!), I made the 40 min trek into the city to hit the gym. It had been since Thursday that I have had a chance to exercise.

I decided to run on the track instead of the treadmill. It darn near killed me! One side of the track has a hill. And I had forgotten about that and, I am not so use to the hills (I am too much of a wuss to up the incline once in a while on my treadmill) so, I thought I would die trying to get my last day of C25K done. But I did it! 5km run! It feels so great to be able to run 5K straight again. And a lesson is learned about the hills. Avoid them at all costs!!! Just kidding. 😉  I must make sure to vary my incline once in a while.

C25K program is DONE!!!

As for my treadmill, I guess my hubby is more impressed with my weight loss efforts and how hard I have been working than I thought. He told me to hurry up and get the service guy in to fix my treadmill even though it will cost around $400.00 because, I need to have my treadmill so I can keep up the good work. He also knows how hard it is for me to get back into a steady program once I have been off for a week or two. He even commented that he is not surprised it needs some repairs as I have logged many, many miles on that thing in the past two years (plus I am on my third pair of running shoes which, he said it is also about time I got my 4th pair!).

Humm? where is my hubby? What have you done with him? 🙂

Now for my weekly update:

My goals for last week were:

  1. drink 8 glasses of water daily.managed to get them in. most of them were in hot water form.
  2. finish week 9 of C25K.–DONE! yipey!
  3. do at least 2 sessions of yoga.–just haven’t found the time when the house wasn’t in an uproar.
  4. eat lots of veggies.–with every meal.
  5. loss 1 more lb to make it 10 lost total so far.–managed to lose 4 to make it a total of 13 lost so far for the challenge.
  6. get through the week and especially the weekend without any junk food!–had one night where I snacked on hickory sticks brought home by my hubby. I love hickory sticks and can’t stay away!
  7. try a new vegetable or fruit.–I tried avacodos. They were used in tuna salad instead of mayo. Not too bad.

So my goals for this next week will be:

  1. drink 8 glasses of water daily.
  2. get in 5 workouts even if it means dusting off my old DVD workouts until treadmill is fixed.
  3. do at least 2 sessions of yoga.
  4. eat lots of veggies.
  5. try to lose another pound. Will take it week by week to see how much more I can lose for the challenge.
  6. get through the week and especially the weekend without any junk food!
  7. try a new vegetable or fruit.

Now I am off to see if my Jeep will start and get it warmed up nice and good. It is -32 degrees right now, not counting the wind chill. I need to go in and get some Christmas shopping done with my dad. He made the trek here, a 4 hour drive, on Saturday just so we could get some shopping done today. Hopefully his car will start today, it took the whole day yesterday to get it started even after having been plugged in.

Enjoy your day, keep warm and keep making those healthy choices!

Only 30 days left–Hot 100 update!

December 1, 2009 13 comments

Okay, here goes another Hot 100 update! I can’t believe there is only 30 days left!

Here are my goals for Steve’s  “Hot 100-Going Out with a Bang” challenge.

  1. Finish the C25K program–still working on it. Starting week 8! Getting there!! 🙂
  2. Run 5k twice per week (or more) once done the program–still working on program.
  3. Lose 10 lbs — starting weight 168 lbs–well, if my weight would co-operate! Lost 9 so far but, fluctuating up and down to between 5 and 9 lbs.


Each week I will set weekly goals that I will try to achieve for that week which will in the long term help me to reach my Hot 100 challenge goals. You can find each weeks new weekly goals on Mondays on the main page. Also, every 10 days there is a Hot 100 check in which we let everyone know how we are doing in the challenge so far.

To find out more about the “Hot 100–going out with a bang!” challenge (sign up deadline is closed), visit Steve at

Now for my weekly goal update. Sorry to not have it up yesterday. I was busy trying to get some Christmas shopping done.

My goals for last week were:

  1. drink 8 glasses of water daily.–I tried. I can’t seem to choke it down when the weather is cool. I wonder why my weight fluctuates?!! :0
  2. finish week 7 of C25K.–done! Starting week 8! Yikes!
  3. do at least 2 sessions of yoga.–amazingly did not have time to get it in. My body pratically screams for me to do some sessions now. Feels great!
  4. eat lots of veggies.–did pretty well here, even tried some leeks for the first time.
  5. loss 1 more lb to make it 10 lost total so far.–damn scale!

And for some personal goals not related to weight loss:

  1. update my web store with more products–some things. Takes quite a well to get it done. Need some Christmas gifts?
  2. start designing a web site that I am hoping to get up and going by spring–have an idea that I need to put more thought into. I have absolutely no creativity so the design part is  tough.
  3. come up with some ideas for my kids for Christmas!!!–found a couple of fun ideas. Will be spending way to much. Plus I love Josies idea of homemade coupons. My kids love stuff like that. Special mommy time and all.
So for this weeks goals, they will basically be the same with a few additions:

My goals for this week are:

  1. drink 8 glasses of water daily.
  2. finish week 8 of C25K.
  3. do at least 2 sessions of yoga.
  4. eat lots of veggies.
  5. loss 1 more lb to make it 10 lost total so far.
  6. get through the week and especially the weekend without any junk food!
  7. try a new vegetable or fruit.

And for some personal goals not related to weight loss:

  1. update my web store with more products
  2. start designing a site I want to get up by spring.
  3. finish my Christmas shopping
  4. put up my tree!

My newest vegetable experiment.

November 25, 2009 2 comments

image To those that may not know, this is a picture of leeks. I have never, ever had a leek before. On of my favourite magazines, Oxygen, has an article about stay slim soups for healthy winter eating. One of the ingredients is leeks. The soup looked so yummy and being tired and cold for days with this wintery weather, I decided that last night was the perfect night to give this soup, and leeks, a try. The recipe called for fish but, not being to fond of fish, I substituted the fish with chicken breast chunks. I also substituted cauliflower for the zucchini since I found out the one I had in the fridge, was no good.

So in a nut shell, here is how I made my winter soup which varies a bit from the one in Oxygen magazine. For the true recipe, check out the December 2009 issue of Oxygen magazine. (I checked the magazines site for the recipe to link to it but, the recipe isn’t up on the site yet.)

  • 4 diced up and cooked small, chicken breasts
  • 4 fair sized leeks, chopped and washed well
  • couple of cups of left over cauliflower
  • 4 large handfuls of spinach
  • 2 cups of chopped broccoli
  • 2 tetra packs of chicken broth
  • garlic, parsley, oregano, salt and pepper to taste

I sautéed the leeks and broccoli until a little bit tender. I added the cauliflower until warm and then added the chicken broth and chicken breast chunks. I then added in the spices to taste, added in the spinach and simmered for about 10 minutes to blend the flavours. Delicious! Goes great with garlic bread.

So my first experience with leeks was a good one. I definitely like them and will have them again. The rest of my family seemed to be fine with them too so they are keepers. I thought they smelled and tasted kind of like chives, with a hint more of an onion scent. Very mild and nice.

Weekly goal update….

November 24, 2009 2 comments

Silly, silly me! i forgot all about updating my weekly goals and posting them for yesterday. Late but here it is.

So, last weeks goals for me were:

1) make SURE to get in 8 or more glasses of H2O!!!—most days I made it.
2) eat some lower calorie meals to compensate for my weekend.—did it and made progress!
3) make sure to workout each day, especially running which I has missed! (side note: thank god I have been running as I left my purse in a restaurant in the CITY and when realizing it an hour later, had to run all the way back! No, not all the way back to the city! You sillies! Just to the restaurant. And boy did I run! Thankfully, nothing was taken as the waitress found my purse right away!)—managed to finish week 6 of C25K and get started on week 7.
4) concentrate on NOT overeating!—I can’t remember for sure but, I think I succeeded here.
5) get enough sleep!!!!—not so much. Always has been a problem with my insomnia.
6) eat lots and lots of veggies.—success! had to go to Costco in the city twice for veggie stuffs!

My goals for this week are:

  1. drink 8 glasses of water daily.
  2. finish week 7 of C25K.
  3. do at least 2 sessions of yoga.
  4. eat lots of veggies.
  5. loss 1 more lb to make it 10 lost total so far.

And for some personal goals not related to weight loss:

  1. update my web store with more products
  2. start designing a web site that I am hoping to get up and going by spring
  3. come up with some ideas for my kids for Christmas!!!