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Sticking it out…

June 30, 2010 6 comments

In spite of all the crap that 2010 is throwing at my family this year and presently this week, I am sticking it out at the gym. I am making sure that I go each day regardless of the fact that my trainer is on holidays and I am under extreme stress. My working out at the gym is my way of burning off the stress and I feel SO much better afterwards. That is one of the main things I have learned over the past few months, that my intense workouts, running and weight lifting, relieves my stress, tension and frustration and I am a much happier person, able to deal with things. Today however I skipped the gym in order to hit the nearest Lululemon store to catch some of the crop pants on sale before they all sold out!

I bought all three (though the third one was not on sale) and a new power Y tank. And the great surprise was that I could go down another size in the pants! Yipey. Lululemon could very, very easily become an addiction for me. I absolutely LOVE their clothing but it is NOT in my budget so it is a rare treat when I can go shop there. You lulu lovers out there know what I mean! ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess I will have to put my other lulu tank tops on Kijiji to sell as they are getting to big for me now.

So tomorrow will be my leg day at the gym since I missed out on today. One of the exercises I do is the squat on a bosu ball while holding some weights or a medicine ball. Working my legs is my favorite workout of the week. Tough but, if I want the rear, I need to do the work! LOL.


A sample of abs….

June 17, 2010 5 comments

Yesterday was an unexpected day off from working out at the gym since my trainer had some other things to deal with. So my leg workout is rescheduled for Friday instead. We have decided that for the next few weeks, my sessions with him will be one day of chest/shoulders/triceps or biceps, and one day of legs. I seem to have my back workouts down pat for now and can manage them on my own for awhile while my trainer helps me to concentrate on my ass and legs!! He loves to switch things up on a weekly basis which keeps my body shocked and my core working harder.

Always in my sessions we superset with ab work to keep me 1) doing my ab work, 2) strengthing my core, and 3) keep my heart rate up for maximum calorie burn.

And since I like to show you what exercises my trainer makes me do and we all love videos, I have here for you two videos of some of the ab work he has me doing.

This one really works the lower abs and I have to admit that I do whine to my trainer every time he makes me do them. He has me pull my bum up higher off the bench for maximum work.

This russian twist here took me a while to get the hang of as I kept falling off the ball. I takes some real concentration and stability to stay on the ball and keep your feet from lifting off the floor. If your feet move, you aren’t getting the full benefit to your obliques.

So here you go. These are just two of the many ab exercises I have to do. Some days I hate abs and some days I love them but, I am looking forward to the day that I can show off a mini six pack!! Tonight is my solo back day as well as cardio. I am going to try to get a few more mins of cardio in to try to boost my fat loss. I can’t really say weight loss any more as my weight depends on my workouts, my water, my salt, ect. But it’s my FAT that needs to go! ๐Ÿ™‚

okay with it…

May 25, 2010 4 comments

…my decision not the run the half marathon. I would have run it on Sunday the 23rd. I thought that once the day rolled by, I would be pissed at myself for not giving it a try. But I did know that I wasn’t in the right place for it in my head, or heart. I am so okay with it that my run yesterday was awesome, faster that usual, like I was free. I am thinking that the pressure of trying to train for it as well as grief I am feeling over the loss of my dad was just to much. I didn’t run a full 5 k straight, as I am sure I was running faster that usual and needed walk breaks but, it was the first time I was able to think of my dad while running without the big ball of grief and anger building up and stopping my run like usual. So I think the pressure of training for the half was hampering my runs since I really wasn’t ready in my head for the run. That’s okay though…I am okay with it and will aim for something later.

The gym yesterday was fantastic. It was weird though. Just as I arrived at the gym, I felt very dizzy and of balance. Kind of freaked my out but figured it was from all the junk I ate throughout the weekend and big, big lack of water through the weekend. I decided to head on in anyways, drink some water, and see if it would go away. Funny that while I RAN, I was fine. But, when I stopped to walk, I was VERY loopy. I don’t understand that! I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to have my chest, shoulder, tri workout with my trainer. But once I got started with him, I felt much better except for when doing the stability ball crunches. The up and down movement made me very unbalanced on the ball from the dizziness. Weird. Everything else was fine though.

Funny story: My trainer admitted to me that he had eaten very crappy during the weekend, many chips ect.. So I admitted to him that I had done the same, though it would mean and extra tough ass kicking workout for me! (I deserved it though! ) Anyways, he introduced a move for the abs called ‘mountain climber’ to me ( I am sure some of you know exactly was this move is!) Very, very tough!ย  While doing my third set ofย  super sets with shoulder presses and ‘mountain climbers’, I finally turned and asked my trainer if he was making ME work off HIS chips!! ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL. I thought planks were bad enough! He sure did give me an extra tough ass kicking workout. My stress is gone though! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a video of mountain climber: my trainer had me do them more slowly with a firmer core and more concentrated focus so there was no bouncing. Tough, tough on the abs!


May 21, 2010 3 comments

A day of rest. Today I have to do absolutely nothing! ๐Ÿ™‚ I donโ€™t have to work, donโ€™t have any errands to do, nothing regarding my dadโ€™s estate today, no gym (itโ€™s a rest day), no driving, nothing! I can stay in my p.jโ€™s all day if I choose which I think I will. It is cold and windy today so it is a perfect day to stay inside, cozy with a blanket on the couch while a catch up on blogs, and drink some green tea (which I havenโ€™t had in weeks!)

Yesterdays workout on the track at the gym was fun. My youngest daughter came with me (she just loves the track), and instead of just running, she had me skipping laps around theย ย ย ย  track. Not with a skipping rope but, the kind of skipping happy, carefree 10 year olds do while singing and skipping their way to their best friends house! ๐Ÿ™‚ And let me tell you, what a workout!! It is tough to skip your way around a lap. And while skipping away, I thought of Miz and her playground workouts and this post from Jodi which features a video showing a recess workout for adults. My daughter and I got a few funny looks but it was super fun and one tough workout. I was dead at the end. We would alternate skip a lap with walk a lap for a few laps and then would run a couple. Tough!! You should grab your daughters or nieces and go out and give it a try. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hurry up!

May 6, 2010 3 comments

Even though my trainer made sure I know what I need to do while he is out of town, it is just NOT the same. No matter how much I think I am doing my best, pushing myself, I am not.

So I wish he would hurry up and get back to town so I can get my butt kicked again! Who would have thought I would like getting my butt kicked on a regular basis! LOL.

In spite of that, I think I will impress him with some of my accomplishments. Since he has been gone, I have managed to increase my push ups from 3 measly attempted sets of push ups too, 3 sets of 15! Sure, they are still the girly knee ones but, that is a definite improvement from last week when I did them. Also, my planks have gone from a torturous 45 seconds to a much more stabilized, and easier 50 secs. Whooo weeee! And yes, 5 extra secs is hard when I used to shake like a leaf while holding the correct posture but now, I am much less shaky and wobbly!

Here is a video of how to do a plank for those of you who may not know what a plank is or how to do it. Believe me, I had no idea how to do one until I hired a trainer. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Since starting these and other core work exercises, I have really started to enjoy strengthening my core. Ab work used to be my arch enemy but, now I do some core exercises to help make my weight training sets into supersets! Lots of fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

Chest, shoulders and tri’s, oh my!

April 22, 2010 5 comments

Yesterday was another chest, shoulders, triceps and core workout with my trainer. I knew I was in for some punishment when he such a wickedly evil grin while asking if I was ready. ๐Ÿ™‚ I should have turned and ran!! LOL. What a killer of a workout he gave me. He is the superset king! He kept checking my face for beads of sweat and if saw none, upped the intensity! When I wimped out and he needed to drop the weight, he would add 5 reps! I didn’t know what was worse, the higher weight or the extra reps! LOL. And crap! For my core, since I could do 50 normal crunches without any squinting, he put me on the stability ball for my crunches. Damn that sucks! LOL.

I do have a lot, lot of fun with my workouts now. I can’t help but laugh while trying to lift my water bottle to my lips after for a drink. I may need to hire someone now to feed me my water! It may be tough, with him kicking my ass but, wow, are they ever awesome workouts and I feel so fantastic after wards. Besides, isn’t that why I hired him? He told me he would lean me out, and I think 6 lbs is a good start, don’t you? ๐Ÿ™‚ And as an added bonus, I am sleeping like a log now. No more insomnia!

I definitely feel for those girls on ‘The last 10 pounds boot camp’ now!

Exercise variety week..

February 8, 2010 7 comments

Since we are in the process of painting up our house, and my living room is shoved into my dining room so I have no access to my treadmill, I need to think of alternatives to my exercise routine. So this week and possibly next, I will need to pull out this:ย 

And this:

And these:

And get to work! I am hoping to get a day or two this week while off work to go to the gym and get in a run or two. I don’t want to lose the progress I have made with my running. I have had a whole week off of workouts since the end of the New Year 100 mile challenge. It was nice to have a break and not worry about when or how I was going to get in a workout. But, it is time to get back into it and make some more progress. I am only 21 lbs away from my goal weight now and I won’t get there sitting on my rear! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚


Painting update:

We have finished painting the living room. We need to buy the trim and the chair rail still and paint and install those but, we had decided to get the dining room and kitchen painted first, and then do the trim for the whole house all at once. So for a couple of weeks each room won’t be completely finished, and each room will be moved around twice but, that will ensure that we actually do ALL the painting and not procrastinate about doing anymore painting! LOL. Besides, I have the week off and I can use the time to get it done. So by the end of the weekend, the dining room should be painted and the kitchen prepped.